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Premature Gray Werner

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The spectrum of WRN mutations in Werner syndrome patients. Hum Mutat.

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Presentation[ edit ] Premature Gray Werner syndrome patients exhibit growth retardation, short stature, Sexy Leingeri graying of hair, alopecia hair losswrinklingprematurely aged Wernrr with beaked nosesskin atrophy wasting away with Premature Gray Werner -like lesionslipodystrophy loss of fat tissuesabnormal fat deposition leading to thin legs and arms, Asian Schoolgirl Kogal severe ulcerations Premature Gray Werner the Achilles tendon and malleoli around ankles. Other symptoms include change in voice weak, hoarse, high-pitchedatrophy Premature Gray Werner gonads leading to reduced fertilitybilateral cataracts clouding of lenspremature arteriosclerosis thickening and loss of elasticity of arteriescalcinosis calcium deposits in blood vesselsatherosclerosis blockage of blood vesselstype 2 diabetesosteoporosis loss of bone masstelangiectasiaand malignancies. Patients display rapid premature aging beginning in young adulthood, usually in their early twenties.

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